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Follow-up thoughts on scam

I have been thinking about the situation, and as a layman, I see a lot of pain for little gain here.

Scam is difficult to do anything about even if it's perpetrated by someone in your own country. The more time passes, the more difficult it is to do anything. It has been five days. Even if (a big if) that account is still open, an action from British authorities is required to investigate it and its holder. And the time it will likely require for such an action to even start is long.

Now, where booking.com is concerned, the situation seems twofold.

First, they did leak my personal data, and there is a law about data protection, and they can possibly be fined, but it's still such a grey area. Also, Internet forums indicate booking.com had been informed about the scam a while ago, yet they did not inform me (and other possibly afflicted customers) in turn. So maybe the fine can be raised because of this.

But second, the money transfer itself, it was all me. And they couldn't be held responsible for my actions. Caveat emptor most likely (the buyer takes on the risks caused by the purchase) over whatever customer protection laws. Poop.

Conclusion: need to seek legal council.

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