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Scribble scribble

Yesterday we suddenly learned that one more lecture on electrosafety* was going to be held today. These lectures are obligatory for everyone and mostly useless for everyone but those who are responsible for the safety of their personnel, laboratory chiefs and the like. The general mood during them is "this is a waste of time" and "what new turd have the higher-ups thought of this time"?

The lecturer (the same person has been working with our organization for 13 years) is in the unfortunate position to have to talk into a passive-aggressive audience that "knows better" and would only comply with the barest minimum of requirements. Or that at least is the impression I get from others' whispering.

He is very knowledgeable, and talks smoothly and logically, but is also unfortunately quite verbose and goes off on tangents. Because I am not one of those responsible persons, I glean very little of use from his lectures, just a fact here and there.

This year, he said that you should not touch light bulbs with your bare hands, neither halogen nor older heating bulbs because, one, you might get slightly electrocuted, and two, the grease trail you leave may lessen their time of service as significantly as 2–3 times. Not sure I believe the first, it's never happened to me in 25 years, but I will certainly try only touching them with a cloth or gloved hand from now on, see if that really lengthens their operation time.

But anyway, I used that time sort of productively, and free wrote rhymes. I am even going to post some of those, but be warned that those are very raw, haha. They are quite independent of each other, so typing them as I wrote them, in a mix of Russian and English.

*Electrosafety is a literal translation from Russian meaning the measures taken to prevent danger from electric current and equipment. You have to pass an exam every year to be allowed near high-voltage equipment, and the higher the voltage and the more dangerous the tasks, the higher the "electrosafety group" you have to possess to perform them. Mine is 3d our of 5 (the 5th being the highest, only the people responsible for electric equipment of entire organizations need it). What is the English equivalent of this, does anyone know?

Such a pity I cannot sing this timewaste away,
It would have added to it a most needed sway.

He is saying so little of substance.
Will it be soon he meets his comeuppance?

This friction, frankly, is mind-boggling.
Swamp is swamp, who can set it to boiling?

I might get used to this kind of grumbling:
The effort of even this low-level rhyming

is unexpectedly calming

У человека хорошо подвешен язык.
Но божечки, как же болтлив мужик.

Гладко, неспешно, последовательно текут за словами слова.
Но от такого количества пухнет уже голова.

Я существо сегодня ровно с другой планеты:
Бессильный свидетель работы этого апологета.

Всё, что он говорит, очень всё сильно правильно.
Только никто не хочет возится с ним так же пламенно.

Напоминает лекция нечто с другого мира:
Видишь всего лишь осколки чьего-то большого пира.

Холодность, отчуждение, вынужденность пристутствия,
И недостаточность трения, движения чуть не отстутствие.

Шепоты, вздохи, отсутствие

истинного интереса
И эти люди считаются

двигателями прогресса?

Завлабы, иные ответственные

слушают со вниманием
Но остальные заствленные здесь быть

— нет от них понимания

Я и сама такая же — слушаю в четверть уха.
К счастью, я не ответственна за эту кошмаруху.

How does but anything get done with such an air,
Such a relaxed, condescending, get-over-it atmosphere?

Wow, but it is difficult, switching between the langauges.
Yet my mind is up to such deeply needed challenges.

Can it be that we have been
Here for more than an hour?
And in all of that time,
What good were we made devour?

Only the new form to the document
Proving we have the right

of working with the equipment
Normally kept far out of sight

— in a safe place.

I only wish they'd supply us
With new training software.
The question studied on old one
Get us not everywhere.

Вчера нам внезапно сообщили, что сегодня будет очередная лекция по электробезопасности. Лекции обязательны для всех, и почти бесполезны для тех, кто не отвечает за элекробезопасность (т.е. не завлабов и т.п.). Обычно во время их настроение пришедших "когда кончим время терять" и "какую ещё какашку-новое бумагамарательсто начальство приготовило". Во всяком случае у меня такое впечатление скалдывается от шушуканья окружающих.

Лектора (одного и того же уже 13 лет) это ставит в неудобное положение разговора с малозаинтересованной и несколько враждебной аудиторией, которая "и сама всё знает" и собирается выполнять только самый минимум требований. Во всяком случае, такое впечатление складывается от шушукания присутствующих.

Сам лектор очень в своём предмете знающий, это чувствуется, говорит очень хорошо и последовательно, то также к сожалению любит поговорить и всё время уходит в разные стороны. Поскольку за электробезопасность других я не отвечаю, из каждой его лекции у меня в памяти остаётся полезный факт-два.

В этом году, например, он сказал, что не следует касатья лампочек, ни накаливания, ни, особенно, галогеновых голыми руками. Во-первых, потому что можно получить лёгкий удар током, а во-вторых, потому что пото-жировые следы существенно уменьшают срок их службы, до 2 – 3 раз. Не уверена, что верю первому, за 25 лет меня при замене лампочек ни разу не било, но попробу теперь при замене деражать их тряпочкой или перчаткой, посмотрим, действительно ли это увеличит срок эксплуатации.

Чтобы не очень скучать, я решила отпустить воображение в свободный полёт, и удивительно легко исписала пару страниц рифмовками. Приведу некоторые из них (почти такими, как написались — сырыми).


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Nov. 15th, 2016 02:35 pm (UTC)
lol I'm not used to these kinds of annoying mandatory lectures. Since I've been here (exactly 5 months as of today), I've had to attend something like 5 mandatory lectures... The worst of which caused a massive scandal and had my neighbor/coworker fired. It was this stupid ethics training done by this annoying guy who probably hadn't changed the information in the last 20-30 years. He literally tried to say that Chernobyl was an ethics dilemma because the guys were messing with the nuclear generator. Basically all of his examples were completely BS and almost all of us just had to grin and bear... besides my neighbor coworker who decided to argue with him in front of everyone in a rather angry fashion. Our library director ended up writing him up for insubordination/causing a scene or whatever and he refused to sign his write-up so he was immediately let go. It's caused a lot of tension here because his wife also works with us and she's been very understandably upset over the entire situation. I have little patience for all these annoying trainings, which is why I usually just sit in my office and half-watch the live stream (so happy I have that choice).
Nov. 15th, 2016 03:31 pm (UTC)
Well, this one is the only mandatory lecture we have, even though it is strongly recommended you are present on the laboratory's seminars.

Our lecturer's examples were not BS, they were just out there, something you will hardly ever need.

Chernobyl did happen because they were messing around (they had reason, too), but what did it ever have to do with ethics?

The situation with your co-worker is so sad. That he couldn't just ignore the bullshit...
Nov. 15th, 2016 05:04 pm (UTC)
The guy tried to say that the workers were responsible for the meltdown because they were messing with the generator without needing to and it was an ethics scenario... I don't know, a lot of his examples were super inappropriate.

The situation with the coworker is pretty sad... especially since I doubt they'll be sticking around much, so I lose cool neighbors and his wife will be gone too, to wherever he manages to find employment. I guess the silver lining is that they've wanted to move to the Pacific Northwest, so now they have an opportunity to get out of here faster than they anticipated...
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