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Sep. 12th, 2016

I did not sleep well tonight because of period cramping, and after finally falling deeply asleep in the early morning, I had the strangest dream. In it, myself and a number of complete strangers were shipwrecked near an island, or maybe it was part of a mainland beach, and I had to corral all of the swimmers toward the land, going so far as helping a girl who did not swim well lie on her back, relax and just let me tow her to safety. Then for some reason everyone was just sitting there and I had to push them into looking for dry clothes in the luggage some managed to get ashore with them. And strangely, the whole while I myself was not cold at all, either in the water, or on the land.

Very unusual because normally I don't interact with several others in my dreams, only one, maybe two persons at a time, and I certainly do not take responsibility for anyone but myself.


Я сегодня плохо спала из-за месячных, а когда наконец отключилась, видела очень странный сон. Во сне я и дюжина или больше незнакомцев потерпели кораблекрушение возле острова, или у берега материка, и мне пришлось направлять всех этих пловцов к берегу, а сначала ещё и помогать плохо плававшей девочке ложиться на спину и потихонечку добираться туда же. Выбравшись на берег, все, опять же почему-то кроме меня, сидели в прострации, и мне пришлось их заставлять копаться в багаже, который некоторым удалось притащить с собой, в поисках сухих вещей. А самой мне при этом во сне холодно не было, ни в воде, ни потом на берегу.

Странен же сон тем, что обычно я в них не общаюсь сразу с несколькими людьми, только с одним, максимум двумя, и уж точно не беру на себя ответственность ни за кого, кроме себя самой.


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Sep. 21st, 2016 01:13 am (UTC)
interesting dream! have family or work been slacking off and letting responsibilities fall to you by default? that'd be my first guess.
Sep. 21st, 2016 11:18 pm (UTC)
I like your interpretation, and it's possible my subconscious reacted this way to some work I have to do.

I have mentioned that we intend to publish some of the papers submitted to Zvenigorod conference with IOP Publishing. Well, I now have to translate their formatting guidelines for the authors, and I am not at all sanguine about them following those, even if we do a very clear Russian variant, because our authors generally don't bother with formatting their abstracts properly. :/

Hah. Thought more about it, and it fits: I am very used to formatting texts to the best of my ability, and the guidelines are a piece of cake for me, so yes, I wouldn't feel "cold" either learning them or using them (if I were to interpret the water and land from the dream that way). Yet others could feel more or less at sea in this situation.
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