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I have a problem with my notebook charger. It consists of two parts, the cable that goes to the electric socket (not shown in the picture below) and the AC adapter that passes current to the notebook accumulator. In the past, it was always this part that gave out first, the cable kept breaking right after exiting the adapter (see that bend in the picture? it is its weakest spot).

So after replacing the adapter thrice in three years, I decided to do the clever thing and wound several layers of electrical tape there, to postpone the breaking of the cable. And then I STEPPED onto its electric plug the same week! It is still working, but I will have to replace it soon since bent cables are not exactly safe!

У меня вечная проблема с зарядкой ноутбука. Она состоит из двух частей - провода, втыкаемого в розетку (на рисунке не показан) и трансформатора, от которого идёт кабель к аккумулятору ноутбука. Этот второй кабель у меня постоянно ломается сразу после выхода из трансформатора (на рисунке виден его изгиб и напряжение в этом слабом месте).

Заменив эту деталь трижды за три года, я решила быть умнее - и намотала там несколько слоёв изоленты, чтобы замедлить перетирание провода. И на той же неделе НАСТУПИЛА на вилку, во второй части зарядки. Она пока работает, но стоит заменить, потому что гнутые электродетали опасны.


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Sep. 28th, 2015 08:13 pm (UTC)
Oh shoot, I have a tendency to do that as well. Step on or otherwise break new things T____T;;; Don't ask me how many times I've replaced my headphones/earbuds - I've lost count :(
Sep. 29th, 2015 02:27 pm (UTC)
I step on things as well, but normally they still work afterward, because I manage to stop mid-crushing them after hearing the CRUNCH, lol.

Headphones, yes. I once tore the cord of a pair of earbuds in half after closing my flat's door with part of it still inside and not noticing. :/
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