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Чёрт, как всегда, оказался не таким страшным, как его малюют.

- Часа на дорогу вполне достаточно, с учётом пятнадцатиминутного ожидания трамвая я приехала с запасом 10 минут, потому что час пик ещё не начался;
- я не была среди сборища абитуриентов самой старшей (ну почти, кто-то сказал, что учил это всё десять лет назад, но где десять, там и на пару лет больше);
- не была и самой всё забывшей, только второй с конца. Для начала нам роздали один из вариантов вступительной работы и попросили сделать из неё всё, что мы помним. Очень многие смотрели на эти задания как бараны на новые ворота и сдали пустые листочки. А у меня даже получилось что-то написать в целом одном примере из шести, разложении функции в ряд, и даже не по х а по (х-1). Но это был такой цирк. Помогло то, что я помню два разложения - синуса и косинуса. Правда скорее всего я там забыла ещё какие-то коэффициенты. Все задания смог решить сходу только один парень, и то сразу после он понял, что где-то прокололся;
- и не была самой тупой. Когда нам стали рассказывать материал, сразу вспоминалось очень многое. Но комплекс отличницы конечно же устарел давно, даже не знала что он у меня всё ещё есть. С другой стороны, вот зачем приходить на занятия и сидеть молчать, когда задают вопрос залу и знаешь на него ответ? В данной ситуации тем более, когда все уже и так поняли, что ты ничего не помнишь;
- но голова конечно уже слегка идёт кругом. И да - я позорище, которое не помнит, как вычисляется детерминант дискриминант! (вот, даже название забыла!) квадратного уравнения, то, что ещё в школе все проходят, вот.


As they say, the devil is always scarier on the painting (than when encountered face to face).

- The hour I gave myself to get there was quite enough even with having to wait for the tram for 15 minutes, because it was not yet rush hour and the road was not jammed in that one narrow place;
- I was not the oldest one there (well, almost, there was a guy who said he'd learned it all ten years ago, and 10 and 12 are relative);
- I was not the stupidest either, I was second to stupidest. At the beginnning, we were given one of the exam variants and told to do as many tasks as we could. There were a lot of people who stared blankly, incredulously and finally, laughingly, at their sheets of paper and gave them back blank. I was able to approach solving a whole one task out of six, where you had to expand a function in degrees of not just x but (x-1). It was ridiculous though. I was only able to jolt my memory because I remembered the first members of two expansions, that of sin x and that of cos x. But I have a funny feeling I forgot some coefficients there anyway. Only one guy was able to solve all six problems at once, and only he then realized he did one of them incorrectly;
- nor was I the slowest. When the real class started, I was able to remember the material at once. Unpleasant surprise, I still have the annoying know-it-all-complex. On the other hand, what is one to do when 40 out of 60 people present keep silent when the audience is asked a question to which most of them (should at least) know the answer. In this setting, how much stupider can they look after not being able to solve anything anyway?
- my head's exploding already though. And yes, I am a disgrace who has managed to forget the formula for the determinant discriminant! (there, I have even forgotten what it is called!) of a quadratic equation, and that's high-school material.


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Aug. 16th, 2013 10:42 am (UTC)
The good thing about maths is that once the method is learnt/remembered, it is mostly about repetition and practice. Since you have a good memory, I am sure that very soon you will be up to speed with it all again. :-)
Aug. 17th, 2013 01:31 pm (UTC)
Fortunately, it is true, everything told to us so far I remember learning at one point or another, so after some struggle practicing, it is all coming back. It is amazing though, how thoroughly I have forgotten everything :)
Aug. 20th, 2013 10:01 pm (UTC)
I'm also retaking maths (but at high school level) this term. It's really hard, but I like to think that I'm a better, more motivated learner now than I was when I was 16/17 and stuck in some school I didn't even like. Like you I was super-anxious about what the class was going to be like, but it turned out it was less frightening than I thought. As always. :)

I did a quadratic equation for the first time ever last week, and I'm almost 25, lol. So whatever happens, you're not slower than me(!)
Aug. 20th, 2013 10:12 pm (UTC)
The more I go to that maths class, the more relieved I get, because the majority of us are in the same boat of having to remember everything. :)

What do you need the maths for?
Aug. 21st, 2013 12:28 pm (UTC)
Exactly. I was surprised to see that I'm in fact not the oldest or most forgetful person in class, haha.

Well, I'm doing it completely voluntarily (and my parents are even paying for the course). Firstly, it's embarrassing to have such a poor foundation in maths (I don't even know trigonometry), so I decided to redeem it! Secondly, I'm very fascinated by the concepts of maths and physics, and I'm at a point in my curiosity & learning where I need a mathematical toolbox to fully grasp these concepts. And thirdly, I may apply to do a second undergraduate degree in astrophysics, and the subjects I'm taking are required by university.
Aug. 24th, 2013 03:44 pm (UTC)
I understand perfectly how you feel about the connection of maths to science! I feel similarly, as a matter of fact. At college, we learned maths first and physics that used that maths second, sometimes a year or even more later, and since I am not a particular fan of maths, the finer principles of physics are difficult for me to grasp.

So I am hoping this program will help, because I will be going into it knowing what I want to get from it!
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