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I have to admit, I have never really read anything about Robin Hood. Oh, you can't help but know certain rumours, merry band of outlaws, steal from the rich, give to the poor, Little John and Friar Took, the fair Maid Marion and the evil Sheriff of Nottingham. Stop right there and gag at the incredibly clichéd story. Or maybe at the clichés born of the story, whichever way that happened.

Mentioned in the Adventures of Tam Sawyer in a very fun way. The book (which was it?) says you die, so die!

And then there is the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. It's was kind of always there (released when I was 10), but I never got past the scene of the fight in the river I think, before learning it was an Alan Rickman movie, because back then, chief baddies did not exist for me. They were part of the background only. I did not notice Hans Gruber either. And without the Sheriff, the movie is empty and boring. The old hag mother and Maria do not have enough screen time to make it anything but.

Then a couple of days ago I watched the version filmed in 2010. I was not expecting anything at all, not even being able to watch it all, not of a suspected action film like this. What a pleasant surprise then to find it as solid as it is, not only in the main story line around Robin Longstride, or whoever that guy was if he even existed, but in the historical background as well. Now, I do not believe history of so long ago (how the hell is it known?) but it did not grate on what few facts there are. More so, the line with king John, his mother and his second wife? lover? was remarkable all on its own. Good movie, enjoyable. The battles scenes are too many but somehow not overly tedious or gory. Will be looking up more movies with Cate Blanchett and Russell Crowe (who was the one reason I watched this one already).

Честно признаться, я никогда ничего специально не читала о Робин Гуде. Слухи всякие конечно невозможно не знать о такой легендарной личности, о вольных стрелках, грабивших богатых в пользу бедных, маленьком Джоне и отце Туке, прекрасной леди Марион и злом ноттингемском шерифе. От одного упоминания которых уже тошно, столько раз эта история жевана-пережевана в разных вариантах.

В Томе Сойере она забавна описана. Как же, в книге написано (какой, интересно), что он умирает, так умри, же умри, хоть ты и победил!

Есть ещё "Робин Гуд, принц воров". Столько раз этот фильм показывали, но не помню чтобы я его до конца высмотрела, дальше даже сцены драки в ручье, до того как узнала, что Алан Рикман шерифа играет. Я раньше вообще злодеев в фильмах не замечала, они для меня были частью фона. И на Ганса Грубера так же не обращала внмания. А кроме шерифа, кто там есть? Старая ведьма-мать очень колоритная конечно, и Мария тоже, но их почти не видать.

И наши "Стрелы Робин Гуда", но они у меня в голове так крепко с "Айвенго" перемешаны, что не поймешь, где что.

И вот на днях посмотрела ещё одно кино на ту же тему, Робин Гуда 2010 года выпуска. Стала смотреть, и вообще ничего от фильма не ожидала, даже что до конца дотерплю, с тем количество драк, которые там подозревались. Драк действительно много, а кино хорошее. Интересное. И даже не только основная о Робине Лонгстрайде, или кто он там был и был ли вообще, но и окружающие исторические пейзажи. Верить правдивости истории случившейся столько веков назад невозможно, но интересно сделали "может быть" из немногих известных фактов. И даже цепляет история короля Джона, матери его и второй жены? любовницы? Буду ещё смотреть кино с Кейт Бланшетт и Расселом Кроу (из-за него этот фильм и взялась смотреть).


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Apr. 18th, 2013 12:41 pm (UTC)
It is interesting to read this! Robin Hood is such a ubiquitous story in English culture, it's difficult to find people who don't know it.

It's also interesting because you liked the new version! I can't even watch it, I find it so poor (the accents are pitiful, and not in a fun Prince of Thieves way).

But growing up POT was one of my favourite films, and I think all of my close friends can recite most of it by heart as well.
Apr. 18th, 2013 12:51 pm (UTC)
So what are the main books on the subject? As you said, it is so ubiquitous that you can not help but know the main facts, but I never bothered to learn more.

I am lucky I still do not understand which accent comes from where in this case.

It is funny how the perspective changes when you learn something new about anything really. I also have watched POT many times now and could probably quote many of Alan Rickman scenes at least. I have even started working on it with subtitles, but only got 40 minutes or so done before shelving this project (it's when I use the subtitles to train my ears on hearing every little thing they say. It takes a very long time this way, but is also very rewarding).
Apr. 18th, 2013 01:07 pm (UTC)
I don't really know any books, mostly movies. The Disney version from the 70s when I was small, and then the 1991 one. There were also loads of television shows.

I'm not sure there are certain books, as it was a ballad, so it mainly exists in old manuscripts in many different variations and got passed down as a legend.

And it definitely does change perspective to learn new things, and that's a great way to work on the language :)
Apr. 18th, 2013 01:11 pm (UTC)
I did not know it was a ballad... but something makes so much sense now. We have our own movie based on this legend, Robin Hood's Arrows, and a "Ballad of Outlaws" was written specifically for it, which is one of my favourite songs.

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