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Ложь и прочие пакости

metroelf выложил картинку, показывающую, как вырастут цены на московском транспорте в следующем году.

Прилагаю к ней свою (кликабельную) картинку с элементарной арифметикой: посчитан процент роста цен в табличке сверху [+% = (Ц16-Ц15)/Ц15*100]. Можно делать выводы о заявленном в прессе 7% увеличении тарифов.

Но нет худа без добра. Я так разозлилась, сразу увидев что повышение цен для тех кто, как я, в основном ездит только с работы и на работу (60 поездочный "Единый", остальное не выгодно) составляет больше 10%, что сделала то, что давно должна была сделать - оценила месячные расходы на транспорт с учётом поездок в институт на занятия.

Обычно я езжу каждый день на работу, плюс раз в месяц на концерт, плюс положим две не предвидимых поездки в неделю в разные места, расположенные недалеко от метро.

Итого 22*2 + 1*2 + 4*2 = 54 (Е).

В институт обычно езжу два раза в неделю, это плюс 1 поездка на трамвае + 1 на метро.
Итого 9 (Е) + 9 (ТАТ).

В 2015 году:
54 (E) + 9 (Е) + 9 (ТАТ) = 63*1400/60 + 9*235/11 = 1662/месяц = 4987/3 месяца.

(Должно было быть 9*400/20, но пока всё устаканилось с занятиями, брала 11 поездок на наземном транспорте, чтобы не сгорали, а в следующем году обоим этим проезным ТАТ дали по шапке. Это тоже добавило злости, разумеется.)

В 2015 году проездные не выгодны.

В 2016 году:
54 (E) + 18 (E) = 72*1570/60 = 1884/месяц = 5652/3 месяца.

В 2016 году выгоден проездной на 3 месяца. Но, видимо, только раз - с февраля по апрель, потому что в январе занятий в аспирантуре нет, а в мае уже кандидатские по английскому с философией.


Oh, boy. How do I explain all of the above? Basically, every year starting in January, ticket prices for all public transport jump here (as well as many, many other prices), which is explained away by inflation. This year, press has been blathering about how the ticket prices on Moscow transportation system should have been raised 12% but they will only be raised 7%.

Today, an LJ friend posted the first picture shown above (taken from the official site of the transportation authority judging by the colour scheme), and it is obvious even to the naked eye that the prices are going to rise by over 10% for the types of tickets used by people like me who only go by metro twice a day, to and from work.

There will also be a lesser variety of tickets available, because some of those we have now piloted 2 years ago and are said to be used less than the others (read "bring in less profit"). Among the tickets that are getting nuked are those I buy when I have to go by ground transport (naturally).

Well, all this "wonderful" news made me angry enough to calculate actual ticket price raises (second picture, see it translated below and keep in mind that I left the decimal Russian ',' in there. So the percentages are 12.07 and so on.).

I also did what I should have done long ago, and estimated how many times I ride in a month, so the anger totally was not wasted.

Well, turns out I have almost the best I could this year, and that a monthly, or 3-monthly pass would have cost me the same I currently spend, but if the prices shown in the first picture are correct, then I will be definitely buying a 3-monthly pass next at least once next year, when I have to go to class at least twice a week.


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Dec. 16th, 2015 01:15 am (UTC)
I sympathize. *DEEPLY*
Here in New York City the organization which collects the tolls for all the major bridges and tunnels just raised the toll amounts by about 30%. This organization also collects the fares for the intracity buses and metros... and I know it is merely a matter of time before the fares go up in a similar fashion...
Dec. 16th, 2015 08:30 am (UTC)
Re: I sympathize. *DEEPLY*
Thank you.

30% is mind-boggling. How often do they usually raise fares?
Dec. 17th, 2015 01:47 am (UTC)
I must correct myself...
I got told by friends that the local toll increase was on the order of 30% -- I don't usually drive so I took their word for it. However, I just looked up the official news report and saw that the situation isn't quite as bad as they describe:

Last year the toll for the George Washington Bridge was changed from $13 to $14. Just 10 days ago they increased the toll again to $15. In other words, in the last 2 years the toll on that bridge has increased by over 15%.

PS: They increased the fares on the intracity buses and metros at the beginning of 2015 (from $2.50 to $2.75), but seeing how they raised the tolls 2 years in a row I'm pretty much convinced the metro fares are going to be raised to $3.00 in the next few months...

Edited at 2015-12-17 01:49 am (UTC)
Dec. 17th, 2015 02:26 pm (UTC)
Re: I must correct myself...
Thank you for the correction, this increase appears more realistic.

You have made me think though. My parents have a notebook the called "inflation" where they semi-regularly write the current regular prices for essentials like transport fare, milk, potatoes, sugar, electricity and so on. I might digitalize it for easier use.
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