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Продолжаю совершать левой рукой действия, которых раньше ею не делала: открываю дверь ключом, например, или вытаскиваю из сумки платок или мобильник (сумку ношу на левом плече, но левой рукой раньше было неудобно открывать молнии, поэтому я двигала сумку вперёд и придерживала правой, а оказалось, что можно и одной левой обойтись).

Неожиданный результат — иногда возникает ощущение, как будто левая рука убежала на волю и начинает вести себя независимо от того, что голова говорит она может делать. Некоторые действия теперь делаю левой рукой сразу, потому что так удобнее, а потом только ловлю себя на том, что делаю их "не той" рукой. А ещё я начала больше жестикулировать двумя руками — и тут же убедилась, что окружающие-то, оказывается, тоже свои "нерабочие" руки держат на привязи, и иногда до такой степени, что слегка теряют нить разговора, если жесты правой и левой рук несут совсем разный смысл, когда одна, например, показывает куда-то, а вторая при этом тоже не неподвижна.


I continue using my left hand on things that I used to do with my right, such as opening the door with a key or taking a hankie or mobile out of my handbag (I wear it on my left shoulder, but I before, I always moved it in front of me to help hold it with my other hand to get something out, I was uncomfortable using just the one hand for it. It turned out left hand is sufficient).

There is an unexpected result as well: sometimes I feel like my left hand has been breaking free and getting a life of its own, independent of what my head is telling me I am comfortable with it doing. Sometimes I do something with now, because it's easier or more convenient, and only afterwards do I realize that I've done it with my off hand. I have also noticed that many people keep their off-hands "tethered" as well, and when you are gesticulating with both of yours independently (point something with your left, while also moving your right in a different pattern), they get lost for a short while unable to keep up.


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Dec. 11th, 2015 05:23 pm (UTC)
Heh that's an interesting experiment. In undergrad when I'd get bored in lectures, I'd try to take notes with my left hand. I didn't get terribly far lol.

Some people are so dominant with one hand. I like to pay attention to when people have to eat with a fork and knife. I think it's different in Europe, but here I find that there are two sorts.

1. Switchers- they have to cut with their dominant hand, then switch to eat with the fork.

2. Non-Switchers- Me! People who don't have to switch when cutting up their food. I have always been able to cut the food using my left hand and then just eat piece by piece with the fork in my right hand.

Actually now I think I wanna take a friends list poll about this topic because it's one I find very interesting for some bizarre reason XD.
Dec. 11th, 2015 09:31 pm (UTC)
I used to me a switcher but taught myself to hold the knife in my left hand :). And I keep meaning to watch for the same thing but I always forget when it comes to it, lol.
Dec. 11th, 2015 09:36 pm (UTC)
take my poll if you haven't already! That's really cool actually, that you're actually *learning* to be more ambidextrous. I don't think I have the patience for that. And I've finally found someone just like me yay! I think you are the only one I've talked to so far who is a non-switcher and uses their non-dominant hand to cut : ). Most non-switchers will eat with their left hand and cut with their right. I think this is proper table etiquette in Europe, but most younger people don't know about "proper" etiquette and eat in the ways most convenient to them.
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