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I have to go to bed, because tomorrow is going to be a monstrous day with an abominably early start (more about that later), but I won't. I will write about a movie instead.

In a nutshell, I was glad I saw it, but it could have been better.
Not in a nutshell, I have some disjointed impressions. I did not like Hook, at all. He was unmemorably subtly unpleasant. Tiger Lily was good. I loved how they showed her attraction to him. His attraction to her, though. Ugh. I hate clowns, you can never tell when they are goofing off from when they are serious. Peter was also good most of the time.

Aaaand the character I went to see the movie for (Black Beard of course) stole it. There was not enough of him, but also there was so much subtext that made the character absolutely not what he appeared in the script, I daresay. Therefore, there was very much not enough screen time to realize the potential of that subtext. Very lovely.

This is the first movie this year I did not watch at home, because I cannot stand the dubbing and finding places where they show movies subtitles is not very easy (not that I try hard). I liked the revamped "Pioneer" theatre quite a lot. They have a coat check (rare for cinemas), the ladies on the phone are nice (yes, I booked my ticket in advance, even if it resulted in me not getting there on time, 30 minutes in advance, to buy out that very one (I was 25 minutes in advance). Yes, the auditorium was more than half-empty. Amusing) and the bathroom is very proper, there are even toilet seat protectors (or whatever do you call those papery things). This is very rare in Moscow.

Oh, and the nicest part? They told me most of the movies are shown in the original language with subtitles. This place might have just become one of my favourite haunts. And there is a book shop inside, as well.

Надо ложиться спать, потому что завтра будет кошмарный день с неприятно ранним подъёмом (о чём позже), но я не стану. Сначала я напишу о кино.

В двух словах, я рада, что сходила, но могло быть и получше.
Не в двух словах, впечатления разрозненные. Совсем не понравился Крюк. Какой-то он был незапоминающийся и слегка отталкивающий. Лили была хороша, и как они показали, как её тянет к нему. Насчёт его же влечения к ней. Ох, не люблю я клоунов, никогда не скажешь, кривляется человек или серьёзен. Питер тоже почти всё время был хорош.

Ну а персонаж, ради которого я пошла смотреть фильм (Чёрная Борода, разумеется), "украл" его. Бороды было вроде приличное время, а казалось что мало, а всё потому что сыгранный подтекст у него восхитительно отличается от того, что говорит текст. И поэтому и кажется, что его очень мало, потому что потенциал подтекста не раскрыт. Ах и ах.

Первый раз в этом году ходила в кино, потому что не переношу то, что сейчас называют дубляжем, а найти фильмы с титрами не очень просто (не то, чтобы я сильно старалась). Кинотеатр "Пионер" понравился. В нём есть гардероб (редкость для кино), приятные женщины на телефоне (я даже забронировала билет по телефону, правда придти до сгорания брони (полчаса до начала сеанса) не удалось - я пришла за 25 минут до начала, что не имело значения, потому что зал остался больше чем наполовину пустым. Приличный туалет, с нормального размера кабинками, в которых даже есть специальные бумажные круги на сиденья, что в Москве большая редкость.

Но самое главное - большинство фильмов у них идут на языке оригинала с субтитрами. Буду ходить. А ещё у них есть свой книжный магазин.


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Oct. 9th, 2015 03:47 pm (UTC)
Oh, I had no idea Rooney Mara was in this! It feels sort of weird that they keep making new film versions of this story, this one has gotten very mixed reviews in Norwegian media .... but I'll probably end up watching it at some point anyway ^^;; The poster is really pretty.

The cinema sounds really, really nice!
Oct. 10th, 2015 01:08 am (UTC)
I have never read the book, and I have maybe seen another movie or two long ago, but I only very vaguely know the story line.

It does not surprise me that the reviews are mixed [spoiler]the story is this side of being draged out too long sometimes. Never quite there, but close.
Oct. 17th, 2015 11:52 pm (UTC)
I love how you translate your entries into Russian <3

I'm seeing Pan next week.
It came out yesterday here, but of course I went to see Crimson Peak. So, Pan will wait until next week.
I'm excited to see it!
Excited to see Hugh Jackman and Rooney Mara in it <3

That's awesome to find a cinema that shows movies in their original language =] It's great finding things you didn't know were there in the city =]
Oct. 31st, 2015 07:49 pm (UTC)
Russian is my mother tongue ^_^ but I understand how the Russian halves of the entries may feel translated when I think on the subject matter in English first.

So how did you like the movie?

And yes, learning new things about your city is awesome. I have also recently discovered that I don't know Moscow after dark at all. It feels completely different to it's day self, and yet I don't have many friends to walk it after nightfall with, and I'm uncomfortable doing it on my own.
Nov. 2nd, 2015 10:07 pm (UTC)
Russian was my first language. I need to get it back!

I didn't end up seeing it. I chose to see The Martian instead, which was very good. Pan got terrible notices. The Martian was a far better spend of money-- and it was in 3D.

Isn't Moscow rather dangerous at night? I've heard it is.
Nov. 2nd, 2015 11:25 pm (UTC)
I am not a fan of 3D movies :).

And I could not tell you if Moscow is really that dangerous, because I don't go anywhere at night besides the nearest supermarket and close to home with my dog, and I also live 3 minutes walk from the nearest metro station. I think a part of that are just fears, but who knows.
Nov. 11th, 2015 12:56 am (UTC)
At least you are staying safe. =]
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